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Because of the particularity of aluminum magnesium manganese roof installation, aluminum alloy roof suppression is divided into factory prefabrication and on-site suppression. Therefore, after the material arrives at the project site, the construction personnel should carefully check the model, specification and quantity of each item in accordance with the delivery schedule, and whether there is transportation damage and other conditions. If there is a lack of damage and other problems, the relevant customer service personnel should be notified of the company in time to solve them.

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Because of the particularity of aluminum magnesium manganese roof installation, aluminum alloy roof suppression is divided into factory prefabrication and on-site suppression. Therefore, after the material arrives at the project site, the construction personnel should carefully check the model, specification and quantity of each item in accordance with the delivery schedule, and whether there is transportation damage and other conditions. If there is damage and other problems, the relevant customer service personnel of the company should be notified  in time to solve them.


1. Construction process

Roof pay-off positioning to floor installation, non-woven purlin installation, sound-absorbing cotton—time plate installation—time purlin installation—aluminum alloy T bearing installation installed—rock wool insulation layer, waterproof breathable membrane to magnesium aluminum manganese alloy roof plate installation, water and the roof panel on construction—cullis eave treatment—roof skylight, etc—completion of acceptance.


2. Operating points

Clear the roof system construction boundary, according to the design drawings for the roof boundary size positioning, at the same time with reference to the roof edge node, determine the actual laying area of the roof board, the layout of the roof board. Establish a reference point on the roof. Using theodolite to measure the dimension error between each control ball node on the roof, find out the key position of purlin adjustment and determine the maximum adjustment height of purlin.

① Bottom plate installation


When the bottom plate is installed, we should first pay attention to the handling of the plate, and determine the size of the plate before the upper plate. Minimize the lapping of plates when laying. The soles of the construction personnel must be clean and clean, and if the condition permits, purchase  shoe covers to prevent damage to the metal coating. Take care when handling, feet must step on the purlin part, the first plank must make a safe passage.

② waterproof breathable film (or non-woven fabric) installation


Non-woven fabrics should be kept clean and dry before installation, and should be transported to the construction location with protection and levelness. Gently expand the construction, with double-sided tape on the board fixed at both ends, the middle position of the appropriate adhesive tape.Construction in parallel according to the direction of the planking, to ensure that the whole construction surface is smooth.

③ sound-absorbing cotton installation


Sound-absorbing cotton is made of rock wool or fiberglass wool with either tin foil or aluminum foil at the bottom. So be sure to handle with care when transporting. If the cotton is too long during construction, the insulation cotton cut down must also be used to eliminate waste. When laying cotton, we must pay attention to climatic reasons to avoid construction in the rainy season. When the construction to minimize the cotton exposure time, then you can carry out secondary purlin, insulation cotton, aluminum magnesium manganese plate construction.

④ Installation of secondary purlins

Secondary purlins and main purlins are connected by connecting plates, and the upper surface of the primary and secondary purlins is kept at the same level.

⑤ Fixed seat installation

Use the theodolite to guide the axis to the purlin, which is used as the longitudinal control line for the installation of the aluminum alloy T-shaped fixed seat. The position of the aluminum alloy fixing seat along the long direction of the plate should be in the center of the top surface of the purlin. The number of aluminum alloy fixing seat should be according to the drawing design requirements.

Aluminum alloy fixed seat with tapping screw fixed, aligned with its installation position, and then into a tapping screw, then the aluminum alloy fixed seat position will have a little offset, must re-check its positioning position, can drive into the other side of the tapping screw.Fix the tapping screw with an electric screw gun. It is required that the tapping screw is moderately tight and does not skew. When installing the aluminum alloy fixing seat, the heat insulation pad below it must be installed at the same time.Use visual inspection method to check whether each row of aluminum alloy fixed seat is in a straight line, if there is any deviation, correct it in time.

⑥Lightning line installation

The aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roofing board is below the flame retardant insulation fiberglass wool, and the thickness of the roofing board is 0.9 mm. According to the national "building lightning protection design code" (GB 50057-94) provisions, fully comply with the use of roof as a flash pole.There is no need to arrange lightning net or lightning belt on the roof.In the installation of aluminum alloy fixed seat, must be according to the design requirements, some aluminum alloy fixed seat rubber pad removed, to meet the requirements of lightning protection.

⑦The installation of insulation layer


The insulation layer shall be rock wool or glass wool;Lay flat on the bottom plate.Encounter T type aluminum alloy fixed seat need to cut insulation cotton a hole, through the fixed seat.The construction of insulation layer must be in sunny days, cloudy and rainy days can not be constructed.At the same time, the laying of the roof panel and the laying of the insulation layer are synchronized, so as to ensure that the laying of the insulation cotton is more than the number of roofing panels.

 ⑧The installation method of roof panel


Move the board to the mounting position, first align the control line at the end of the board, and then press the lap edge (big rib) into the lap edge (small rib) of the previous board.Four to six groups will be installed. Each group will send a special person to install the anchor point and fix one end with a water rivet to ensure that the roof plate slides towards the gutter direction when it expands and contracts in heat.During the concrete construction, a hole is drilled through the small roll opening of the plate and the top of the corner code to install waterproof rivets. The length of the rivets is 11 mm ~ 12 mm, and the rivet head is covered by the next plate.After the panel position is adjusted, install the foam plastic seal under the end panel, and then lock the edge.When the plate is installed, the operator must be located on the side of the locked fixed plate. The plate should be in a straight line in the direction of the cornice, and the excess part of the plate should be left in the gutter part, and then cut neatly.When cutting, it is more appropriate to use a hand-held circular saw with a hard metal saw blade with a protective cover tooth depth of 9 mm ~ 20 mm.Use a straight edge to guide the cutting direction of the saw to ensure that the cutting edge is in a straight line.After cutting, the cornice foam sealing strip and drip piece can be installed.After the installation of the drip slice, the trough bending can be carried out.

⑨ Install edge sealing


(1) underwater flooding installation: floodwater on both sides of the gutter is bottom floodwater, which must be installed before the roof panel is installed.The connection length, number and position of rivets of bottom flood water are strictly constructed according to the design.Before the floodwater lap, wipe the floodwater lap with a dry cloth to remove water and dust and ensure the reliable adhesion of silica gel.The silica gel is required to be uniform, continuous and of appropriate thickness.


(2) surface flooding installation: the edge around the roof and the roof ridge flooding are surface flooding, the construction method is the same as the bottom flooding, but the foam seal should be installed at the same time as the roof flooding installation.The sealing strip should not be skewed and tightly combined with the roof plate and flooding water to prevent the wind from blowing rainwater into the plate.


Glue: before glue to clean up the dust and other dirt and water at the interface, glue on both sides of the appropriate position in the area of glue, for the part of the Angle, glue after playing with a suitable diameter of the round head object will glue scrape again, so that the glue becomes more uniform, compact and beautiful.Tear off the adhesive tape immediately after playing the adhesive tape, avoid adhesive tape after drying together.


(3) Flanging: the principle of flanging is that the flanging is downward when the water flows into the gutter, otherwise the flanging is upward.When folding the edge, the force should be uniform, and the Angle of folding the edge should be consistent.Roof board welding: before welding, the first bite edge of the plate ribs cut into a 45 degree Angle, and then use pliers to clamp flat, so that it bite together, when the gap is not more than 2 mm for welding.The welding equipment is argon arc welding machine and imported aluminum silicon electrode. The electrode model is Ф2.4 mm× 900mMR4043.Welding to be stable;the air supply should be uniform;Strip speed and the size of the air supply to match.


Flooding is aluminum plate, and it is easy to produce large deformation when welding is heated. In order to reduce its welding deformation, Z type support along the weld length is installed directly below the aluminum plate and flooding and flooding and flooding welding parts.Z type support position must be accurate.The welding wave is uniform, the welding seam is smooth and smooth, the width of the welding seam is suitable, no welding nodule, no bite edge.

⑩Attending roof skylight, hole processing


When the metal rod is worn out of the roof or when the lighting skylight is installed in the roof, it is necessary to focus on the maintenance of the people to wear out of the hole and the edge of the skylight.When the hole is small, the flooding plate can be fixed directly by welding or riveting.When the hole is large or the material is inconsistent, the problem of metal expansion and contraction by heat and cold should be considered.Because when the hole is large, the relative length of the expansion will increase, there may be a weld or riveting point is cracked.If the material is inconsistent, the expansion coefficient of the material will be different, which will also crack the weld or riveting point.

⑪completion test


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