Aluminum magnesium manganese low vertical roof system

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Aluminum magnesium manganese low vertical roof system

The specific gravity of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy is 1 / 3 of that of color coated sheet, but its service life can reach more than 3 times. Due to its soft and plastic shape, it can be made into aluminum magnesium manganese fan-shaped plate, aluminum magnesium manganese arc-shaped plate, etc., which greatly meets the design requirements for the beauty and durability of metal roof. Therefore, the aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof system is widely used in the metal roof of stadiums and airports, Metal roof of theater, metal roof of high-end factory building, urban landmark building, civil building and other large-scale buildings.

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Advantages of aluminum magnesium manganese roof system:

1. Safe and stable:

The system can effectively alleviate the stress caused by in

door and outdoor temperature difference in severe cold season by sliding installation of T-type fixed support. The plate extrusion and tensile deformation caused by uneven stress are avoided.

The surface of the system adopts 360 ° wrapping and fastening T-shaped bearing technology, which ensures the stability and sliding of the system and no screw penetration. It not only ensures the waterproof and airtight performance of the system, but also maintains the chemical composition of aluminum alloy from being damaged, so as to better play its advantages of corrosion resistance.

2. Thermal insulation and fireproof performance

By selecting the appropriate thickness of thermal insulation materials, the roof structure can meet the high standard of thermal insulation requirements with only a little adjustment. At the same time, the roof system plate can resist sparks and flame, and the metal roof plate can meet the A1 fire protection standard.

3. Endless application potential

The snow bar can be installed on the vertical edge of the roof system plate without riveting. The roof surface is not damaged and remains intact to ensure the sealing performance. Renovation projects are also reliable. The roof system plate has the characteristics of stability and low weight.


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